The chef was born in Vitoria in 1975 and trained in prestigious places such as Martín’s headquarters Berasategui in Lasarte. Diego Guerrero inaugurated the DSTAgE restaurant in Madrid in 2014 as a part of a project called DSTAgE Concept. Before, he led the El Club Allard restaurant since 2002 – under his supervision, the restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars. DSTAgE, also with two Michelin stars, represents an evolution of his professional career. The project is the Chef’s idea of contemporary haute cuisine where true luxury lies in creative freedom.

Since its opening, DSTAgE has achieved great success. It gained two Michelin stars, its Chef Diego has received the recent third sun of the Repsol Guide and the third EME of the Metrópoli Guide (published by the newspaper ‘El Mundo’). The restaurant was awarded Metrópoli Restaurant of the Year in 2017, Metrópoli ‘Restaurant Award Revelation’ in 2015, as well as the award for Best Chef and Best Restaurant by users of Gourmet Magazine. It is the first restaurant in Madrid, the fourth in Spain, and 2016 Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice. Among other DSTAgE’s successes are: the Gentleman Award 2016, ELLE Gourmet Awards 2017, Hombre GQ 2017, and the recent 2019 Culture Award from the Community of Madrid.

In September 2016, Diego Guerrero launched a creative space under the DSPOT name to explore creativity in haute cuisine and all the aspects that surround it, such as staging, design, techniques, and products. This space changed its headquarters in July 2020 and is now located in the premises next to DSTAgE, connected with the restaurant. This new multidisciplinary space is also used for private and exclusive events. In November 2016, Diego Guerreo’s first book “Irreductible” was published. It shows the evolutionary and creative process that led to creating a project like DSTAgE.

In August 2019, DSPEAK opened, the second project in Madrid, a space of “casualized” haute cuisine with a different gastronomic concept. Here, he works with a menu based on the product and its temporality, with a simple appearance, and recognizable and accessible dishes for all customers. DSPEAK focuses on working in a sustainable environment and taking advantage of synergies by using a circular economy between projects. DSPEAK has renewed its Repsol Guide Sol for the fourth year.

Instagram: @diegoguerrero @dspeak_madrid
Restaurant website: https://dstageconcept.com/
Restaurant address: 8 Calle de Regueros – Calle Fernando VI, 6, 28004 Madrid, Spain

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