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What is Food Meets Science?

Food Meets Science is an interdisciplinary project supported by The Best Chef. The main idea of the Food Meets Science conference is an exchange between science and cooking.

What makes this conference different?

The focused content of the event is designed for action and practice – the focus of the agenda and event structure is designed to provide actionable tools and practical insights into science and gastronomy. The conference is full of workshops, exchanging ideas, and finding innovative solutions. During Food Meets Science conference, you are able to find out more about it through cooking demonstrations as well as speeches by amazing chefs and scientists. Also, during the event, the attendees can witness an exchange of experience among the experts, to explore to what extent science can give a response to the questions that emerge from the chefs' observations in the kitchen and also to what point these observations may give rise to new lines of research.

What is the difference between the Food Meets Science conference and Food Meets Science PRO conference?

Food Meets Science PRO is a two days conference ( Food Meets Science is one day conference) with more cooking demonstrations as well as speeches by amazing chefs and scientists.

How can I get updates on the conference?

Information about the current event can always be found in the dedicated subpages on the FOOD MEETS SCIENCE website [find out more here].


If you haven't yet attendant of the event and wish to receive any updates on the conference such as new agenda items or confirmed speakers, please send an inquiry to info@foodmeestscience.com to add your email to our mailing list.

How can I become an attendant of the event?

In order to participate in the event please direct your inquiry to info@foodmeestscience.com

Are partnership or exhibiting opportunities available?

At Food Meets Science, we are always looking for new organizations that are able to support the work that we do, and promote leading subjects and discussions with famous chefs and international scientists. Food Meets Science events offer a fantastic opportunity for sponsors to be able to showcase their work to, and network with, a room full of focused, relevant and senior gastronomy and science professionals. For information on how to get involved and support this event, please contact info@foodmeestscience.com

How can I stay up to date with further Food Meets Science conferences, research and publishing?

To stay up to date, you can sign up for our business newsletter by sending an inquiry to info@thebestchefawards to add an email to our mailing list. 


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Food Meets Science is gathering place to connect all food lovers from all over the world and create a community of all those for whom food and science is passion.