Self-taught and from a young age, persuaded by the idea of opening his own restaurant, Roberto Solis’ began his career in 2003 by opening the doors of Nectar. Later, his apprenticeship was formalized in the kitchens of renowned restaurants such as Fat Duck in England (2004), Thomas Keller’s Per Se (New York) and Narisawa’s Les Creations (Tokyo), at the side of chef Yoshihiro Narisawa (2010). The revelation of new -and then revolutionary- techniques, convinced Roberto to consolidate in his native Mérida a gastronomic proposal focused on the interpretation of Yucatecan cuisine. But it was not until after his time at Noma (Denmark), that Solís returned more inspired than ever and convinced to embrace his origins: Nectar reached its maximum expression as a high-end restaurant. Expression as a constantly evolving haute cuisine, always faithful to the history of Yucatán and its ingredients. With a restless spirit, Roberto Solis founded the Kooben Festival in 2009 and later on Hokol Vuh, a culinary event that promotes the interpretation of Mayan culture by the best chefs in the world.


At the same time, Nectar has established itself as a gastronomic destination for Mérida visitors, a city known for its culinary offerings that are a must-see among connoisseurs and the curious alike. In 2019, he opened Huniik, a restaurant with an intimate concept: 16 diners can live an integral experience, close to the elaboration process of the dishes they are going to taste. On July 18, 2022, it became a new member of Relais & Chateaux. Roberto Solis was awarded the Recognition for the Diversification of the Mexican Tourism Product 2020, in the category of Gastronomic Tourism. 

During the pandemic, he gave life to Sabukam Sandwichería and Ñam Ñam Thai, a bet on Thai cuisine with a Yucatecan touch. Currently, he has added two more restaurants to the list: Hanto, Japanese cuisine, and Roberta’s Italian cuisine restaurant. On September 21 we will see him participating in the first Iron Chef Mexico program on Netflix.


Instagram: @robertosolis.a @nectarmid

Restaurant website:
Restaurant address: Avenida 32 Avenida Andres Garcia Lavin 334 | Colonia San Antonio CuculMerida 97116, Mexico

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