CHEF. MEAT. TECH.; The Story of NEW- MEAT™’ –Shai Hayman (Redefine Meat) – FMS22

To create a world where anyone can enjoy great meat without compromises!

Shai Hayman began his speech by telling his story and the path to true love – Redefine Meat. Redefine Meat creates meat suitable for vegans and vegetarians. “The products, made of a mix of pea protein, soy, beetroot, chickpeas, and coconut fat, are high in protein, have no cholesterol, and look, cook, feel and taste like the real deal, according to the startup. Redefine Meat uses 3D printers and “ink” to “print” steaks.” All Redefine Meat products are 100% animal-free.

Our speaker has always wanted to be a chef and scientist. He did it! Four years ago, he found his way home, that is, the aforementioned organization. Shai Hayman is a young chef and has been cooking since he was 20 years old.

The lecture began with an interesting comparison of the company to the painting by Pablo Picasso. Redefine Meat provides chefs with good quality materials and they can create art with it!

Curiosity killed the cat

Many times efforts were made to discourage Shai from finding his way. It has been mentioned that curiosity is no good. In the case of Redefine Meat, the cat proverb is untrue. Not only did it save the cat, but other animals as well.

Meat industry

The meat industry produces a lot of pollution and suffering. Shai emphasized in his statements that only together we can change the fate of the planet. On the subject of earth protection, we should also think about the next generations.

In the presentation, it was highlighted many times that food should always be delicious and there is no place for compromise. Redefine Meat does not want to produce meat substitutes. We have bad associations with the word ‘substitute’ as it suggests something less tasty or of lower quality. The company wants to redefine meat. The company’s products should also be suitable and delicious for meat lovers – emphasizes Shai. There is no place for compromise. The Redefine Meat company is a team of scientists and chefs. It is currently expanding in Israel, Finland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Germany. We wish the organization further success in extending its activities and enthusiasm for saving the planet!

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