Over the years and through research, experts and studies have increasingly highlighted the role of the intestines in our body, often describing them as our “second brain.” But why? That is because the nervous system of the intestines is similar in structure to the nervous system. Both are based on the same type of neurons […]

Achieving Perfection Through Bean Quality, Grind Quality, and Extraction Precision Coffee brewing is an intricate and delightful process that combines both artistry and science. From selecting the finest beans to achieving the perfect grind and mastering extraction precision, each step plays a vital role in crafting a cup of coffee that tantalizes the senses. In […]

Seasoning meat is an essential step in preparing delicious and tender meat dishes. The process involves allowing the meat to rest for a period of time, during which enzymes in the meat break down muscle fibers and connective tissues, resulting in a more tender and flavorful end product. Dry Aging vs. Wet Aging: Which Method […]

The United States reports approximately 63,400 cases of Bacillus cereus each year. The consequences of poisoning can be severe, and in exceptional cases, it can result in fatality. What is Bacillus cereus exactly? Why does it produce toxins in food? Can we avoid this threat? What is Bacillus cereus? Bacillus cereus, a bacterium commonly found […]

Yeast is an amazing product. We pay little attention to it, although they it served humanity for centuries. Initially, people used it without knowing what it was or where it came from. Yeast was used for alcoholic (anaerobic) fermentation or for making leaven for cakes.

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