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“For as long as people have looked up at the night sky, they have asked themselves: ‘How did the universe come about’ ‘or ‘is there life elsewhere in the universe?’ These are the big questions that people have always asked. But very few of us will ever have the opportunity to fly into space. “

Kitchen in space

Uniting the world through the theme of food, music, and space. We may be facing one of the biggest international, global, and orbital events. Can mankind sit at one global table sent from the universe?

Matthias Maurer is a German European Space Agency astronaut and materials scientist. He is making his first space flight scheduled for October and has chosen the name Cosmic Kiss for his mission to the International Space Station ISS.

Matthias was joined by a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of Big City Beats – Bernd Breiter. He has been building clubs in and on unusual places: on water, on land, and in the air. Now he is preparing to build the first kitchen in the space. For this, he is also working with NASA to go to the ISS and create a place called the space club kitchen.

Food and music – what do they have in common?

Bernd Breiter said that food and music were universal languages, and no one had to study them. Above all, it touches all our senses. That’s how the idea to cook from the outside in, for the whole world, was born. He wanted to connect the earth at one global table.  

The Space Club kitchen

In this project, our guests combine about 50 restaurants, with the best chefs in the world. They will be cooking at the same time as the universe (astronauts). Moreover, everyone will be able to join this stream and participate in the cooking. It is going to be a social media event where everyone could show his best dish and compare it with the others.

It is a symbol for humanity because after the pandemic, for one hour, we can unite the world.”

What will be cooked in space?

Matthias Maurer wanted to address the entire planet, so he chose an international dish – rendang – as the main course. He also had chosen some regional dishes, which had been selected by his countrymen.

Matthias Maurer will be cooking for 90 minutes for himself and 6 other astronauts. Everyone could download the recipe or get the ingredients and then make the same dishes for themselves at the same time. For 90 minutes we will take a full tour around the planet.

Cosmic kiss as a declaration of love to space

The name of this mission is Cosmic Kiss. Matthias explained it is a declaration of love to space. It all came from the great fascination that is in every human being about the universe.

Space is a medium to thrive fascination to bring people together but also to foster technology. Their past communication was always using technical terms. They want to try something different, and more accessible, hence the name referring to emotions.

Not everything is so simple

It takes a tremendous amount of work to complete this project. It is not easy to take something into space. What is more, they had to transform a normal recipe into something that can then be prepared in the space station. For example, mixing fluids in space without gravity is completely different.

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